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Income Planning

When approaching retirement, how and when you draw from your retirement savings will dramatically impact the longevity of your assets and your quality of life as you age.  Attend an upcoming workshop to learn more and schedule your comprehensive, complimentary retirement income plan review.


If you’re planning to take your Social Security benefits soon, don’t do anything until you read this report.  Download now.

Seniors - Financial Planning

Asset Protection/Estate Preservation

There are a lot of different ways your assets can be depleted prematurely: excessive market risk, taxes and fees, greedy family members, lawsuits, unscrupulous business partners or their families, and more.  Protect your assets and safeguard your estate from any and all of these potential threats.  Attend an upcoming workshop to learn more and schedule your comprehensive, complimentary asset preservation review today.

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Responsible Wealth Transfer

Each of your heirs may need to receive their inheritance from you differently.  Protect your spouse, children or other loved ones from excessive taxes and fees and safeguard their future by structuring a responsible inheritance distribution plan.  Attend an upcoming workshop to learn more and schedule a comprehensive, complimentary review of your wealth transfer plan. 


The Stoddard Group is an Orange County-based estate and retirement planning firm that specializes in protecting and preserving financial assets and planning for the distribution of those assets in the most efficient manner.  We always offer a second opinion on any retirement or estate plans you currently have in place.  Our only goal is to safeguard your and your family’s financial future.  

Make plans to attend an upcoming informative workshop or schedule your no obligation review now.



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